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Alice Divine

Meet Alice Divine: Assistant Director, Performer, and Full Cast Member of the Athens Showgirl Cabaret.


She was a founding member of Athens Showgirl Cabaret on February 3, 2010, and she has been performing in drag since the dawn of time! 


Insanity is only insane for those who do not understand it, and no one understands it better than our very own Queen of Madness, Alice D!


Take sensuality, mystery, sex, horror, shock and awe, and you will be only skimming the surface of this unique soul that is so devious, Hell itself spat her back out.

My Story

Observing from the shadows, she carefully watches the world and the people in it, figuring out what they're made of in the blink of an eye. 


Alice is an open minded individual, there is nothing you can do or say that will shock or surprise her.


Alice has been found in many different places and venues from Athens and Atlanta to beyond, spreading her one-of-a-kind style of performance to all who dare to watch and enjoy.


World, keep an eye out for the mystery that is Alice D. You will never know when her truths are revealed, but when they do see the light, they will speak volumes like no other and you will only then understand what being mad truly means!

Need more Alice in your life?

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