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Cristina Bang

Say hello to the fabulous Cristina Bang, a Full Cast Member of the Athens Showgirl Cabaret.

Cristina joined the ASGC in January of 2020. But, she is not new to Athens; you may have seen her incredible performances with The Kourtesans. 

My Story

What are some of your favorite things about drag in general?

Drag helped me unlock a part of myself I didn't know I had. Every time I perform there's a power and confidence that comes through. It brings me so much joy that I try to share with everyone that comes to see me perform.

What are some of your favorite things about your own drag?

I try to make my drag as inviting and open as possible. I want people to feel like they can have a good time with me.

What do you like about performing in Athens?

The drag scene in Athens is so special. Having a smaller community means getting to make a closer connection with the people who love drag and come support us.

Who inspires your drag?

I am inspired by Alaska, Bob The Drag Queen, Raven, The Kourtesans, Kellie and Lori Divine.

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