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  • What is the ASGC and what do you do?
    We are a collective group of drag, burlesque, and variety performers who entertain audiences at local bars, venues, and events in Athens, Georgia. We also raise awareness for intersectional LGBTQ+ issues, raise money for local and state charities, and participate in community events. Although we are available for private bookings, our shows are the best way to interact with us.
  • Can I join the ASGC?
    Yes! We hold a talent search to find new members every year. You don't need to be a drag queen to join. Our cast is full of queens, kings, and everyone inbetween. Some of our members are a part of the Trans community, the BIPOC community, and our staff includes ally supporters. No matter who you are, you are safe and welcome in our group and at our shows!
  • Is your show appropriate for children?
    We host a family-friendly show called "Drag for All" at our home bar, Hendershot's. Due to the history and culture of drag performances, which push the boundaries of societal norms, some of our content is overtly sexual in nature. So, our regular shows are only suitable for adult audience members. However, at "Drag for All," we omit those elements of our performances in order to provide a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ members of any age to enjoy our shows.
  • Do I have to pay you?
    Our shows sometimes require tickets or cover charges for admittance. Also, as performers who are not booked by the venues for profit, we rely on tips from our audience members to support the expense of our craft. The outfits, makeup, wigs, or accessories you see us wear are often handmade. Although we love what we do, without the money to do it, we would not be able to continue our performances. Your tips keep us going, and we appreciate your support!
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