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Jenn Sparx

I'm Jenn Sparx: Assistant Director, Performer, and Full Cast Member of the Athens Showgirl Cabaret.


I joined the Athens Showgirl Cabaret cast in January 2014, and have been performing in drag since May 2013. My first time in drag was for the Boybutante Aids Foundation's amateur drag search, and I've been hooked ever since!

I've performed with ASC in both Athens and Atlanta. I love the charity work that our group participates and how important is is to all our members.  I am so glad I get to bring a little sparkle to our corner of NE Georgia!

My Story

What are some of your favorite things about drag in general?

I love seeing into the minds of the other queens. With each performance, a queen shares a little bit of her creativity, personality, and a ton of emotion. I also love the amazing transformations all the performers go through to be as beautiful as they are.


What are some of your favorite things about your own drag?

I live for creating. Whether it's sewing, gluing, or papier mache, I love going from a random pile of stuff to a beautiful outfit. My favorite thing about my drag is performing and making people smile and laugh.


What do you like about performing in Athens?

My favorite part about performing in Athens is the sense of community we have. I love that all the local performers support each other at various shows, I love the supporters who come to each show, and I especially love the smiles and greetings I get from fellow performers when we bump into each other outside of drag-related contexts.​


Who inspires your drag?

I am inspired by several women. My strongest inspirations are Judy Garland, Cher, and Barbara Streisand. But I'm also inspired by so many Broadway leading ladies... come to the show and you can probably tell this about me right away!

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