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Lori Divine

Lori Divine

She's Lori Divine: Co-Host, Performer, and Full Cast Member of the Athens Showgirl Cabaret.

Lori joined the ASGC in 2013. She has served the LGBTQ+ community for the past 38 years as an entertainer, emcee, and activist. She was created at a time when laughter through tears was needed to support the LGBTQ+ community during the AIDS crisis of the 80’s and 90’s. She has been there to raise money, laugh, cry, and support those in need all over the Southeast.


From New Orleans to DC - and all points between - you can find her at various balls, shows and fundraisers doing what she does best. She has been on cast at several shows through the years and is a former Armorette. She now calls Athens home and joined Athens Showgirl Cabaret in 2013. At 56, she has no thoughts of slowing down, the old girl is just getting started.

She also hosts a virtual cocktail hour, Divine Happy Hour, with her drag sister, Kellie Divine

My Story

What are some of your favorite things about drag in general?

I love that drag is an outlet for creativity and provides a opportunity for those who might not be comfortable in the spotlight to take on another role and step into the spotlight and be heard.

What are some of your favorite things about your own drag?

I am grateful that I have been able to let my drag evolve and grow as I get older. I started out as a kitty girl in Atlanta in the 80's and now I am a full grown cougar!! I love that I am able to use my drag to make a difference in and do good for our community. It makes me giggle that even though I am usually 20-30 years older than our crowd, the love and accept me as that sharp tongued quick witted old lady.


What do you like about performing in Athens?

Athens is so comfortable to call home base for my drag. There is such an acceptance from all walks of life and though we may look and act differently, we are all one community doing the best we can to get by. I have the opportunity to influence and shape the younger generation and support and the remind the older generation of our youth. Truly the best of everything.

Who inspires your drag?

I am old school and look up to the older generation that are still performing. In my early days, Lily White took me under her wing and became my drag mother. With her guidance and influence from amazing entertainers such as Dina Jacobs, Amber Richards, Charlie Brown, Tina Devore, and a host of others. I have been able to not only create a character I love but let her grow with a few influences from newer Queens such and Kellie Divine and Jenn Sparxx.

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