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Kellie Divine

I'm Kellie Divine: Director, Performer, and Full Cast Member of the Athens Showgirl Cabaret.


I was a founding member of Athens Showgirl Cabaret on February 3rd, 2010, and have been performing in drag since March 7, 2008!

I've done shows all over Georgia - from Macon to Atlanta to Athens. I love doing charity work, so I joined the Armorettes in Atlanta, GA from August of 2012 to January 2018. I also enjoy attending other shows to see what's new and hot, and I try to bring a little of that back to Athens when I return.

I also host a virtual cocktail hour, Divine Happy Hour, with my drag sister, Lori Divine.

My Story

What are some of your favorite things about drag in general?
I love doing shows for everyone, and I love getting outside of myself and being someone I'm not. The outfits, the hair - it's all great! And also I love being with everyone.


What are some of your favorite things about your own drag?
I put a lot into my drag: It's funny, it's out there, it makes you think outside the box.


What do you like about performing in Athens?
Well, we don't have a gay bar in Athens, so we get to do shows at straight bars. The people in Athens just love it!


Who inspires your drag?
All the older girls from the past in Athens and all over the drag scene.

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